I run. When some people run, they feel like they are soaring. They find the sweet spot. They glide.

When I run, it is a constant decision to not stop. I’m not a novice. I’ve run 5Ks, a 10-miler, and one spectacular (just because I finished it) half marathon. But it never, ever got easy.

Today, this is all I can think about. I’ve just heard the news about the explosion at the Boston Marathon and, while very little is clear at this point, I know bombs went off and there were people carried away while their legs were left behind. They lost parts of their bodies on the very day they were celebrating how much the human body can accomplish.

And all that’s going through my head is that it never, ever gets easy. It’s such a surprising, limitless, awesome experience – being part of this human race – but just as wonders never cease, neither do tragedies.

All we can do is keep moving forward. In the hopes that hugs can fly, I send all mine to Boston.


What do you think?

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