Random acts of awesome

art by sam brown at explodingdog (aka the website that taught me to feel)

This morning, I met someone who was brimming over with awesome. (Let me interrupt myself to say that I know the correct noun is “awesomeness” – but that’s not nearly as much fun to say and, y’know, do what feels right. SO.) I stopped by Crate & Barrel before work to grab a gift for the woman in my department who’d signed up for the most kitchen duty this semester. (Praise be unto her!) I darted inside, grabbed some gorgeous dish cloths and super bougie sea salt neroli hand soap and walked to the checkout station.

Quick aside here – in general, I am not a materialistic person. I’m all about poppin’ tags and I still wear shoes I had in high school, but Crate & Barrel makes me want to buy ALL THE THINGS. Internal dialogue: “Yeaaaah, I am definitely the kind of person they had in mind when they designed that velvety teal chair. I am meant to curl up there with a book and look whimsically bohemian by my reclaimed wood cabinet. Maybe after I read, I’ll stir up some homemade blackberry jam and store the Mason jars in that red pie safe that represents my soul… WAIT, THAT CHAIR COSTS $799. $799. Jesus Christ, I’m going for a milkshake.”

Anyway. I’m in Crate & Barrel. I’m deeply pleased to be buying some luxurious, slightly overpriced dish towels on the company credit card, even if they’re not for me. As the checkout guy greets me, I instantly notice his soft, low voice. Oooh, hello.

This gentleman proceeds to give me the most enjoyable purchasing experience of my life. He asks what the gift is for, then kindly suggests a slight improvement that takes the form of substituting a textured scrub towel for one of the two dish-drying towels. He leads me over to the kitchen area so I can pick the color I like best. (I should mention that the replacement he suggests is less expensive than the original item.) Then, with the ideal gift set complete, he brings us back to the register and proceeds to make me laugh with stories about communal kitchen nightmares. Next, he makes my insides go all squishy with tales of teaching social etiquette to his young daughter.  The entire time, he’s serenely wrapping the gift with all the visible pleasure of Mr. Bean in Love Actually.

And, really, the point I want to make is not that I was delighted by such amazing, thorough customer service – although I was! My point is that this man was awesome. His enjoyable conversation, his tranquility, his dedication to his craft: this is a person I wish more folks, myself included, would emulate. On my way out to the car, I suppressed a pretty serious urge to invite him and his whole family to dinner at my house. I understand that might have crossed a line – or maybe not? – but certainly there have been friendships built on less!

So, here’s my question for today: have you come across anyone lately who has committed a random act of awesome? I think sometimes these acts involve people going out of their way to be helpful or friendly, while other individuals simply leave a wake of awesome wherever they go because they are just that effortlessly delightful.

Any stories to share? While you think, I’ll wrap things up with a nod to the illustrious Macklemore, king of poppin’ tags:

ETA: I just found this amazing website. (Thanks, Google!) http://randomactsofawesome.com/, making awesome look – well – awesome.


5 responses to “Random acts of awesome

  1. Exquisite, thanks!!!!! Making up baskets of food, spices, writing items, or whatever, is such a wonderful, exciting thrill of a gift item, adding colored tissue paper. I saw the movie, a surprising ending!!!!

  2. Um, this post is awesome. Mackemore? Rowan (who I imagine myself to be on a first name basis with)? Love Actually? Hyperbole and a Half reference? My beloved Sam Brown? Crate and Barrel? *swoons* Have you ever browsed a CB2… it’s their “younger” version, and I love it.

    Awesome post!!

    • Oh, snap! I clicked over to CB2 and ther first thing I saw was a monkey lamp. Like, who *doesn’t* need a monkey lamp in their life? Trouble, trouble, trouble… (Imagine that part sung aloud like the Taylor Swift Song.)

      ANYway, super glad that I now know about your blog, because anyone who is not-so-secretly a dinosaur and is married to an off-brand-Batman is, in my world, the pinnacle of inspiration.

      And did you see?! Hyperbole and a Half is BACK! She posted yesterday: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

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