New Girl Autotune aka “He was a man and I was a woman”

I am in the middle of a two-week blur of studying. It’s crunch time and I can’t justifiably take more than a 10-minute break from reviewing the mother-hucking Quadratic Equation (because clearly it is soooo crucial that I understand it so I can move forward with my entirely writing-based career in which I plan to NEVER SOLVE AN ALGEBRAIC FORMULA AGAIN). But. I digress.

The point is, in lieu of writing a post with any sort of substance, I wanted to share the best piece of mind-candy I’ve found during my 10-minute study breaks.

I love New Girl.  Love it hard, mostly because they’ve nailed the strange sense of humor I share with my friends (by which I mean that, generally, I act weird and my friends find it endearing/put up with me). And so, even though I miss Coach – yeah, despite the weak backstory about the Latvian Basketball League, we’re all well aware that Lamorne Morris was not the original choice for Jess’ third housemate…

…I’m still hooked and I’m rooting for Nick and Jess and here’s some bangin’ autotune for your Monday.


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