Versatile with Cowbell

So, the illustrious Morgan of Dust and Soul – blogger, author, bookseller, and heathen (with the ability to actually draw you a map of the clitoris if you require one) – has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. As she puts it, I’m “versatile with cowbell.” Best as I can tell, this means that I am capable of writing about more than only women’s issues (I think that one post about dogs saved me; otherwise, it’s been rather one-track around here lately), and also that she doesn’t mind my words taking up a small part of her day. Which is simply lovely, because I adore her writing in all its different incarnations.

Therefore, with many thanks to Morgan, I’m going to pass along her nomination to 15 others. (Per “THE RULES,” these are all bloggers who have less than 200 followers, at least according to their official WordPress count). And they should be read by many more folks, because I enjoy all these blogs immensely and who am I if not an arbiter of excellence?! Actually, that leads me to the other thing I’m meant to do upon being given this award, which is share seven facts about myself. So, without further ado:

  1. I think the phrase, “Without further ado,” is stupid, because you could just say the damn thing and that would be even less ado.
  2. I like combining two words to make one really dumb word. Example: “Joy ride” becomes, “Let’s go for a jide!” Yes, I know, I already said it was dumb.
  3. My favorite color is doggie color!
  4. I really enjoy team-building activities. Especially the one where you show off a scar and tell how you got it.
  5. I once took a 30-day mountaineering course with NOLS. It was above and beyond whatever the brochure promised.
  6. I can’t whistle a tune, but I can produce an arresting cartoon-fox whistle.
  7. I once stopped traffic to rescue an injured seagull from the middle of the road.

OK! Enough about my versatility; I’m blushing over here! Please make a little space in your Reader for*:

1. My Delusions

2. Neutrois Nonsense

3. The Misadventures of Bailey Baker the Beagle

4. The Syncretic Aesthetic

5. Hoarded Ordinaries

6. Wellspryng

7. Real Living Beauty

8. All My Roads

9. Sarah’s Brand New Chapter

10. Unlikely Explanations

11. Kyoto Redbird

12. The Gratitudenist

13. Peacock Under Pressure

14. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

15. Feminists-at-Large

*I haven’t spoken directly with all the bloggers on this list, so if any of you aren’t into these awards – feel free to ignore me and this whole concept. But I do think you’re all “versatile with cowbell” and generally pretty dandy, and I wanted to share some love.


15 responses to “Versatile with Cowbell

  1. Love your blog, Jennie! And thank you for nominating mine for a versatile blogger award. 🙂 I will definitely check out the others you nominated as well!

      • Ah, I’m sad to say I have no expertise insight to offer. I just make this unfortunate-looking duck face and suck air *in* (no dice with blowing it *out* like normal people) and TAH-DAH! Wolf whistle.

        My advice? Ask an elementary school teacher. They all seem to have the finger-whistling skill!

        P.S. First photo shoot was yesterday and it went smashingly! It was so fun, so empowering… and we do it all again on Thursday!

  2. I LOVE the idea of number four!!! I often have to lead team building activities at work and I’m so doing that. Thanks for the idea!

    Now I’m curious- what’s your craziest scar story?

    • I’m glad you asked! (I haven’t gotten to play this game in forever.) The summer before I started college, I went on a wilderness backpacking trip for incoming first years. There were six days of glorious, smelly bonding in the woods, but on the seventh day I learned that jumping around like an uncoordinated mountain goat on wet, sloped rocks will get you a leg sliced down to the bone. (It’s strangely fascinating to look at your own layers of fat and meat, etc. Not to be gross, but – really! It is.)

      Anyway, I half-hopped, half was carried (by my Heath Ledger look-a-like instructor) down the mountain, and 22 stitches later, I decided that all I wanted was more of the same. And THAT is how I switched my major from Communications to Recreation & Leisure. (But now I’m applying to grad school for Communications, so I guess even a good scar can only steer you away from your true path for so long.)

      Your turn!

      • Oh my gosh, that sounds terrifying and really dangerous! However….being carried down the mountain by a Heath Ledger look alike? I may have thrown myself on a pile of broken glass for that. So how gnarly is your scar now? Really noticeable or no?

        With Communications and Recreation & Leisure degrees, what do you plan to do in the future?

        My coolest scar story really isn’t that cool unfortunately. When I was a kid I was climbing the side of my high chair and the whole thing fell on me. This was back when high chairs were not flimsly and plastic, it was a HUGE, heavy wooden one. It split open my eyebrow and nearly took out my right eye. I kinda like the scar that is there now honestly 🙂

        My other favorite scar? I was dribbling a soccer ball in my driveway and tripped over it, HAH. I don’t have the nickname “Grace” for nothing. It tore open my knee and took over a month to heal- it was nasty!

        Nothing exciting. No Heath Ledger’s to my rescue 😦 😦

        • My scar is on the front of my right shin and looks like a number 7, which is kind of cool. I remember my dad seeing it and saying, “Well, you’ll never be a leg model now!” I was like, “Wait… they have those?”

          Anyway, I think your eyebrow scar sounds cool, although I’m glad you don’t have to wear an eye patch. (Unless you *want* to! Maybe that’s what Heath Ledger’s ghost is into.)

    • Awesome! You are so welcome – thank YOU for bringing Bailey comics into my life. I can’t get enough.

      I’ve been informed that I did a pretty lousy job of explaining just how the award works, and that’s a fair assessment, so: You thank the nominator (if you wish to), write 7 interesting facts about yourself (and/or your terribly awesome pet), and then nominate your own 15 bloggers, who – ideally – have less than 200 followers and are as versatile as Meryl Streep. Bah-dah-bing, bah-da-boom. 🙂

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