Photo shoots; models in cahoots

(There’s a reason my poems have never rhymed.)

I wanted to share a quick update from the first Model Community photo shoot. Saturday dawned sunny and clear. Around 10am, my partner J and I met up with photographer Allison at the workshop we’ve converted into a makeshift studio.

J and Allison taking some test shots

Over the course of the day, 15 friends and family stopped by to get their photos taken for the progressive look book. Conversations in the waiting area were insightful, uplifting, and damn funny; the action on the studio side of the wall was HOT.

Here’s my sister being fabulous in her LBD

And so, after a day of photographing beautiful people of all shapes and sizes wearing everything from party dresses to underwear to kimono, we wrapped. We’ll shoot again on Thursday and I’ll take a few days to pull the final look book together. Then we’ll see how far and wide we can spread this example of the diverse beauty in every community!


10 responses to “Photo shoots; models in cahoots

  1. Wow, you are getting serious about the look book – it looks like you’re in a professional studio and everything. I love it!

  2. I love this idea. Coincidentally, we just had head shots taken at work, and I couldn’t believe how much better those pictures (10-minute private photo shoot with a professional photographer) looked than most of the ones I’m in (which tend to be candid shots taken with someone’s phone).

    • I hear you! It is *amazing* what good lighting, a quality camera, and a talented photographer can accomplish.

      It was really gratifying to hear my friends’ responses to their photos when they reviewed them – to a person, they were surprised at how *much* they liked the way they looked in them. It helps to remember that models are always shot under those ideal conditions, even before make-up artists and Photoshop enter the picture.

    • Does a bear do bear stuff in the woods?! Of course, my dear – I want my few but awesome blog readers AND the whole rest of the world to see them! Not quite sure of the best way to accomplish the second half of that yet, but… it’s the goal. 🙂 I think I’ll have the final product ready around the end of this month.

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