A Lazy but Hilarious Post

Generally, I like to dream up my own brilliant creations (err – at least – I try). But today, in a post-GRE stupor, all I can do is bring you someone else’s brilliance in the form of animated shorts:

1. A Pretty Love Story (The Jesus House), written and performed by Lauren Kyanka (she’s 5) and animated by Rich Kyanka (he’s her dad) at Something Awful. I can’t embed the video, but I promise you 15 fuzzy puppies that it’s worth the link-trip. In fact, here’s the whole collection of Lauren’s stories, because you will want more.

2. Two Chips, which is what happened when Adam Patch‘s wife got shnockered and told him a joke and he recorded/animated it for our viewing pleasure. I don’t have any idea who these people are, but I love their relationship.

So. I feel better having posted something, and hopefully you have giggled. Even a little giggle will do! I’m off to eat nachos and sleep.

P.S. The GRE? Totally rocked it. And the moral of the story, kids, is that two straight weeks of studying until 3am will actually remind you how math works. You will gain five pounds and your relationship will suffer, but you will remember how to calculate the value of a number raised to a negative, fractional exponent. (Now go use that in the real world.)


15 responses to “A Lazy but Hilarious Post

    • I think my response to complex math problems will always pretty much amount this:

      ABCD is a parallelogram. BD = 2. The angles of triangle BCD are all equal. What is the perimeter of the parallelogram?


  1. 1) A very belated congrats on the GRE! 2) Is it sad that I kind of tried to solve the math word problem you put in the comments? It’s probably kind of sad.

    • It’s a little concerning, but I would expect no less from the ever whirring Maya-mind. (Did you find the answer? It isn’t *really* “YOUR MOTHER, TREBEK!” Although it should be.)

  2. Oh. My. Lord. The chip vid made me laugh OUT LOUD, nearly crying. SO funny. Thanks for bringing a big old belly laugh into my day!

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