Target Women: Bushes, Beavers, and Gentle Alpacas

Sarah Haskins is my heroine. As a chick who takes improv class once a week, funny women are IT for me. Funny women who are also socially conscious? YES PLEASE WITH SPRINKLES ON TOP.

Sarah is a Chicago native, a Harvard grad, and a writer. For a few golden years, she starred in a segment called “Target Women,” in which she poked fun at media and (b)advertising aimed at teh ladies.

These days, Sarah co-writes a new ABC series called Trophy Wife. (I did not know this until 15 seconds ago. Thank you blog, for making me do research!) I will be watching.

But for now, let’s chuckle bitterly at the myriad things the advertising industry has done to show its misogynistic belly. (I can say that; I’m married to an ad guy.) Sarah’s brilliance is that she uses humor to call out real problems. If I’ve learned anything from my female idols, it’s that being hilarious is how you approach heavy topics without losing everyone you’d like to influence.

Cue the Sarah! On genital grooming… (Takeaway quote: “When our delicate lady parts are mentioned, we cannot bear it.”)

And – this one might be my very favorite – on “product story time.” (Takeaway quote: “Milk will also bring sunshine to a land devastated by your period tears.”)

Many, many more episodes  can be found here.


15 responses to “Target Women: Bushes, Beavers, and Gentle Alpacas

  1. Man, the milk commercials cracked me up. And then I realized that somebody really thought that would help sell to women, and I died a little inside.

    In other news, I’m going to start calling my vagina a gentle alpaca. I’m dying over here.

  2. You said: “Being hilarious is how you approach heavy topics without losing everyone you’d like to influence.” Amen. Thank you for being a ‘political’ voice in a kind, compassionate way!

  3. Oh. You are just going to introduce me to so many wonderful things, aren’t you, Jennie?

    I think the only time I’ve willingly done research in the last two and a half years has been for my blog. Don’t tell my boss.

    P.S. – Cream cheese was definitely part of my happily ever after.

    • You know you can’t just introduce that kind of “P.S.” and then walk away, right? STORY TIME!

      Unless you were being sarcastic. In which case I might cry.

      • Damn now I’m just going to disappoint. I was simply thinking about how I don’t feel like my life is together unless I polish off a brick of Philly every 3 days.

        It goes with savory, it goes with sweet… You complete me, cream cheese.

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