The world spins
not on an axis
but  a question

the asking of which shifts

You never asked.

There was no entreaty to the sphinx
for just one hint at an answer.
You were indifferent to the riddle itself.

Why assume there were no waterfalls
beyond the view from your lone peak?

If I did not guard them, they would not be treasures.

Foolish man.
And more the fool me
for wanting – so badly –
to spill my water over your
parched lips.


14 responses to “Parched

    • Fantastico! Well done, you!

      (I have also deeply enjoyed our little chats, and feel like seeing you type “Woo Hoo!” is proof that we’ve bonded.)

  1. Wow. I have been right there, Jennie. Too many times in my life. It’s funny how the emotions do not forget, especially when we read something that brings it all back in an instant. Great write.

    • Thank you, Andra. You’ve absolutely understood what I was trying to convey. And, of course, people who impact us this profoundly never stop having that effect of tugging on our emotions like magnets whenever they’re around, even when we’ve moved far past them.

  2. Right on Andra and Jenn! No matter the time or distance the wound in our hearts is at risk of being opened. You know, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that person; it can be someone who is connected to that someone. I have experienced both. Yuck!

  3. I want to gush all over this with how much I like it…I’m currently reading The Tawny Man series by Robin Hobb which as a prophetic fool and his stubborn Catalyst in saving the world. And this…this is just perfect.

    • …and now I have to look that up, and more than likely add new books to my to-read list!

      Thanks for the gushing. (Such a perfect word, continuing the waterfall imagery!) But seriously, it’s amazing how much material one bad relationship can generate. I used to date a musician and got peeved with him because all his songs were sad or somewhat twisted; I’d ask why he couldn’t just write happy music, since he was a ball of positivity in real life. His answer was that it’s just so much easier for people to relate to dark things. While I’m still struggling to prove that wrong, it may have some grains of truth to it.

      Anyway, I appreciate the read! And, despite your protestations, I’m sure you could write good poetry if you had the desire. But I’m a fan of your current projects, and there’s only so much time in the day…

      • It’s a Fantasy series but it’s very different than most of the fantasy I’ve read—and I’ve read quite a bit. I think it’s worth checking out especially if you don’t normally read fantasy.

        Isn’t that the truth though? Mother dearest asked why everything I was writing was so sad/depressing. I was miffed because it was referencing my first Evie/Owen story and I thought it was amusing! But there are definite grains of truth there. Happy endings are all well and good but they have to be believable, and they can’t come without some sort of pain or hardship. The bitter makes the sweet sweeter, I suppose.

        If I ever write anything that isn’t cringeworthy, I’m sure it will be on the blog!

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