Some photos and ramblings because I am le tired (But there’s wine!)

Adi feels as lazy as I do.

You know how some weeks, you never fully wake up and your stomach always hurts just a tiny bit and you can’t quite bring yourself to write that hilarious blog post about the drive-in theater that you promised people?


Oh, that’s just me, then. Well, anyway, that’s where I am. It’s actually been a marvelous week. Starting last Friday, I road tripped through North Carolina and Virginia with my very best friend and her family. We visited 13 wineries in 3 days, and I learned how to fly (you’ll see; be patient). Work has been good: my director is into the green initiative I want to start within our program, and today I got to sneak out for Indian food at lunch. (If mango lassi were a person, I’d do extreme things to be her friend. In fact, I might name my first daughter Mango Lassi Saia).  J is happily wrapped up in a secret art project at his office, and  I got to chat about an exciting new collaboration with Ken from The Weltschmerz Collection (a blog title which, after my boozy weekend, reminds me of Gewürztraminer wine every time I see it).

And look! This flower grew in my garden!

And look! My husband made this coffee table from scratch. (I know that’s not the right way to express it, but he made it with his own two hands!)

So, I’m not complaining – life is awesome. It’s just that, for whatever reason, I have zero attention span this week and the only level of blog post I can stand to read is the kind with a bunch of photos tumbled together. I figured why not produce something along those lines in case anyone else is feeling out of it and simple? With that, I present my weekend in East Coast Wine Country:

And (I told you!) by the end, the wine had taught me how to fly:


29 responses to “Some photos and ramblings because I am le tired (But there’s wine!)

  1. First, “well have a nap!”

    I’m jealous of your wine adventures (and coffee table)!

    And Mango Saia sounds like the name of a band…so what could go wrong?

    • +10! I was hoping someone would get the reference without me having to post the video! (But I did totally watch it again myself, and then spiraled off into Charlie the Unicorn…)

      • Oh my gosh…Charlie the Unicorn, I forgot all about him!

        Please tell me you’ve seen the squirrel/nike sphere jacket commercials with “The End of the World” guy narrating? They’re on YouTube if you haven’t!

  2. The pics are great! I love the one of you and your friend in the tree. And I’m super-impressed by your husband’s carpentry skills – seriously! Sometimes light and breezy posts are the way to go; I love that you are staying true to what is alive for you right now. Kudos.

    • Isn’t he amazing?! It’s the first piece of furniture he’s ever built! And it’s a chest, so it holds our blankets and the truly ludicrous number of board games we possess.

      Also, thanks for giving me permission to be light and breezy. 🙂 I love when other people offer little glimpses into their personal lives, so why not, right?

    • Thanks! That’s a passionflower, which grows on a really hardy vine (good for trellises). It makes tons of those beauties, and even though they only live for one day, after the flowers fall off, a fruit called a “maypop” grows in their place. And maypops are good in pies!

  3. East Coast rocks! And I get you in the brain-dead department; I keep staring at the computer willing a masterpiece of humor to post itself. So far, no luck. But, I got the next two days off work so – fingers crossed. 🙂

      • It is. Lol. I had plans of catching up on housework today, but the headache has its claws dug in deep. I would like to think it is because training week is always overwhelming, but I think I will always like days where I can bum. Just not all the time.

    • I’m chalking it up to summer brain. It’s sooo hot where I am and I just want to regress to being 10 and having nothing to do but go to the pool!

    • It really was! I even invented a new drink at one of the wineries! Half honey mead and half cherry wine. Surprisingly not *too* sweet, and they’re calling it (of course) the “Run, Jennie, Run.”

  4. Jennie,
    That picture of you jumping in the air, and being carried by the wind obviously, is the best picture ever, after all of mine, but best nonetheless.
    Le Clown

    • …If only I had Photoshopped some Wolverine claws onto it, as certain geniuses have been known to do, it might have won the universe…

      Thanks, Mssr. Clown!

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