YouTube Bender – Feed the Beast

Yesterday I wrote about feeling lazy and in the mood for a simple, happy post. Lots of people stopped by to let me know they’re into that sometimes. And one of them caught my reference to the amazing YouTube video The End of the World, and we started reminiscing about our favorite  funny videos… which is exactly how most of my in-person dinner parties and game nights conclude (after we’ve all had a few drinks and need to sober up to drive home).

Thing is, my in-person friends and I have exhausted our collective catalog of funny videos, and the beast must be fed. Otherwise, what will I do next time I’m in a social situation and all the stories have been told, all the food eaten, all the dogs cooed over… PLEASE HELP!!

P.S. Hannah and Jules: I’m looking at both of you. Hannah – that squirrel video was excellent; I know you have more up your sleeve. And Jules! Your birthday post for the Byronic Man was so much fun… maybe you got some videos in addition to 2D memes?

Anyway, here are my top three YouTube videos of all time, to represent three cheers for this marvelous time-waster!

1. Jack Sparrow: This is one of my five favorite songs (like, including real songs). It’s so damn catchy! P.S. It’s explicit; hide yo’ kids.

2. Charlie the Unicorn: One for the freaking ages.

3. Honest Trailers: Les Misérables (Or, as they call it, The Less Miserables.)

Please share your favorites below. I HUNGER!!!

I'm sorry, Susan Sizemore. It was just too perfect. But I hope I'm sending traffic to your page at Barnes and Noble!

I’m sorry, Susan Sizemore. It was just too perfect. But I hope I’m sending traffic to your page at Barnes and Noble!


29 responses to “YouTube Bender – Feed the Beast

  1. I liked this before I even read it simply due to the Captain Jack Sparrow song. I might…love…you. Ahem anyway. We were talking about videos.

    You may have seen this one, but it’s another Lonely Island gem.

    Autotune the news. I suggest stopping after the Charlie bit—the rest isn’t worth it.

    JT and JFall. Need I say more?

    • #3 made me do that motion where you use your hand to pretend your brain just exploded. I thought they were finished and then… BANG POW!

      These will be shown to the gang. Thanks!

          • I do not…I’ll think about that one and see if I can figure it out. I’m technologically slow, though.

            Haha I’m glad the like liking is mutual.

          • I figured it out! I am smarter than the average bear! The video link has to be on a separate line from all other text. Woot woot! Now the world (’cause yeah, the whole world totally reads my blog) can fully appreciate your video contributions.

          • I am honored to share my contributions with the peasantry. *royal wave*

            Oops, sorry, must’ve been watching too much of the royal baby watch…

          • I kind of wanted it to be a girl since they changed the law, but heck, I do like that they can call him The Little Prince!

  2. Oh hoh hoh, hang on…. Um, is there a limit on how many I can post? Never mind. Must not ask questions I don’t want the answer to. Wait for it.

    • AH-hahahaha! Grumpy teenagers are the best! J and I like to imagine how furious our someday kids will get when we mercilessly pick on them for being angsty over nothing.

    • This FELT Canadian from the first second on. Around 0:22, when he gets all frantic about keeping up with his greetings, is when I started to giggle.

    • There’s this thing called hot chocolate, but you remove the ‘h” from “hot” and sub in a “p…” I drank it in Ukraine, wearing red footie pajamas, and watched this video. Four times in a row.

      But I don’t need any magical sweets to laugh at a grown man saying, “Seahorses. FOREVER.”

  3. The captain Jack Sparrow song has become my staple. Seriously. Everyone at work listens to it all the time and now we’ve started calling each other GIANT SQUID (obviously). Did I mention I work at a big consulting firm? hahaha. NICE POST!!!!

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