On Our Wedding Day

On our wedding day, I had henna on my feet
To ground me in myself.
I wore shoes for you, and you alone.

On our wedding day, your hair was long.
Iā€™d never seen a more gallant knight.
You wore it long for me, and me alone.

Promises were made.
The geese across the lake agreed.
We began a lifetime of discovering
How much love can grow
From the seeds of what we do
For us, and us alone.

As we harvest this season’s love,
Making pies for tonight,
Preserves for next winter, and
Forcing one more bag of it
Down into the deep-freeze,
I see your smiling face across the kitchen.

I wonder now,
As I did then ā€“
Do you have any idea
How much
You delight me?


34 responses to “On Our Wedding Day

  1. I love that you had henna on the soles of your feet, and I adore the wonderful picture that ends your beautiful poem. My heart sings with your joy.

  2. How sweet is this and YOU two?! Very, very sweet. Such a wonderful sentiment and celebration of your love. Thank you for sharing this, Jennie. We are all smiling with warm and gooey love inside.

    • Lizzy, “gooey love” is totally my phrase of the week!

      J did something really supportive for me a few weeks ago, and I was just thinking about how much love comes from always being there for someone, no matter what’s going on.

      • Awwww…Yay! Use that as much as you want, sis. I love that you have such a wonderful relationship; life’s all about truly being the other half and helping each other expand as beings. I dig it. šŸ™‚

  3. I love the flowers in your hair . . . reminds me of times gone by.
    “there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.” . . .

    • That’s the kindest response you could have given me. I’m always looking for really great couples with longevity – I want more role models for love! And I do hope – super humbly, with crossed fingers – that we might provide that for someone, some day.

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