For Halloween, I’m Dressing as Someone Who Is Bad at Titles

Bad titles aside, Happy Halloween to all my favorite ghouls and boys! (I had to – it’s been my favorite Halloween expression since the third grade.)

I’ll be celebrating tomorrow night, and I’m extremely excited about my ridiculous costume, which of course I still have to create tonight. Warning: Any trick-or-treaters leaving my house this evening may find their Laffy Taffy covered with craft glue and fur.

Because, as with most things I do, my holiday festivities are pulled together last minute, J and I also have to carve the pumpkins we’ve had sitting on the stoop for days. He’s home sick from work right now, drugged up on NyQuil and Twizzlers, so I can only anticipate what kind of amazingness will occur when he gets a knife and hacks away at a large gourd in a head-cold-induced fury.

Anyway, once the costume and pumpkins have been brought up to snuff, we’ll be ready for our party tomorrow night. I plan to daaaannnnccceee! (Was that legible? I mean DANCE, but with wildly waving arm movements implied through extra vowels.) Ever since sophomore year of college, I’ve been lusting after the perfect dance atmosphere, and I’m finally gonna get it. Here’s my list of desires/demands:

  • Lots of space. When I dance, I dance, y’all! I need to be able to spin in circles and make dramatic hand gestures without anyone’s nose getting in the way.
  • No creepers. Just a bunch of people who love to dance, making it happen – no surprise erection-to-bum introductions allowed.

  • Music I haven’t heard eleventy-two times in the last month. Seriously. DJs. Earn your keep. You’re supposed to be good at music, right?

…and really, that’s about it. Pretty reasonable, huh? And tomorrow night, it’s gonna happen! J’s work is throwing the party, but they’re all creative types instead of suit and board room types, so we’ll be dancing in a huge warehouse stuffed with leftover sets and props like a pirate ship, giant aquatic puppets, and a stagecoach. And no one will be scheming on how to approach a stranger from behind, because they’ll be too busy dancing to Time Warp, which they all freaking know because they’ve all acted in Rocky Horror at some point in their lives.

I. Can’t. Wait.

To end this jumble of a post, I want to add three quick things:

1. I’m soliciting feedback on my new blog theme. I think I like it, but I’m curious how y’all feel about the moving feature on the “The Very Tip” homepage. My hope is to highlight some of my favorites for newcomers – but is it annoying to have one page with only some of the posts, and be forced to click again to get to all of the posts? (You can also tell me that you don’t care either way, but would enjoy more photos of dogs in costumes. I’ll understand.)

2. Next week! This is really a bigger deal than this tiny bullet point would suggest, but next week I’m planning to have an entirely body-image-focused week here at Tip of My Tongue. Some of the most important work I’ve done on this blog was in the first three months – back when I had about 34 followers – and I want to revisit it. Partly because I think the project I took on then will resonate with some of you who read me now, and partly because I need a personal push to rework the content into a format I’m envisioning submitting to other websites. So, if you’re into self-love and beautiful people – hint: that’s all of us – stay tuned ’til Monday!

3. Finally – finally –Β  this. Because I know some of you do just want the funny dog photos, but are too polite to say it.

Happy Halloween!


33 responses to “For Halloween, I’m Dressing as Someone Who Is Bad at Titles

  1. I like your new theme but to be honest, I don’t recall your previous theme due to being a brand new follower. Sorry. In any case, I’m jealous of your Halloween party! I adore dancing. Sounds like it’s gonna be a whoopty-scooty time. JEALOUS.

    • Fair enough! They’re not that different to be honest, unless you visit the homepage, which I don’t think most of my online community ever does. But, thank you, and on to more important things: I am SO glad (though not at all surprised) to hear you love to dance. I feel like most opinionated, funny people are more than willing to jump on the dance floor… something about our confidence, I guess. Whoopty-scooty! πŸ™‚

  2. I hope the dance party is the dance party to end all dance parties.

    I changed the theme on my blog a couple of months ago. I almost went with Oxygen. I went with Expound. I prefer the themes with the shortened view and featured images on the homepage – as a writer and a reader. As a reader I like it because it gives me a good overview of the writer. There’s a lot of creative that goes into it, and the image, title, and first paragraph tell me if this is writing I want to invest in further (I like the challenge of doing that with my writing, combining the three and pulling a reader in).

    Yay! for Body Image Week.

    P.S. that erection introduction picture is horrendous. The look on that guy’s face gave me the biggest fright of the day.

    • I was using Origin (Which you also know well!), but changed only because I couldn’t stand how replying to a comment automatically jumped you down to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, I was really happy with the look of that one. I totally agree about the trifecta of a good preview!

      Next week will have some re-posts about how I got involved in the body image movement, photos from a community photo shoot I ran with an amazing group of people, and then some new material about what’s next that I’m hoping to crowd-source a review of before I submit it elsewhere. Thanks for the “Yay!”

      P.S. I’m with you on that dude’s face. What is going on there?! I really want to hope he just swallowed a fly or something else that’s causing the anger.

      • I can’t stand the comment reply throwing me down to the bottom in Origin either, and like you, that’s my only complaint there.

        I’m looking forward to next week’s series. I will probably do some catch up depending on how my NaNo efforts go.

  3. Im loving the page very tip of my tongue, sort of reminds me of a chapter page of a book. Good thinking sherlock! And happy belated Halloween back at you, hope you had lots of fun!

    • Thanks, Watson! You’ve compared it to a book, so now I will use it forever. Case closed!

      The party’s tonight, and I’ll report back… last night, all I got was 100 pieces of candy stolen off my front porch in the first 5 minutes by one very conniving/unsupervised person. The “honor system” is a joke. 😦

  4. 1. Have fun tonight and I hope the hub feels better!
    2. I think the new theme looks super snazzy, and most subscribers are clicking right on the direct post link (from their reader or email), so I think for newcomers it’s nice to see the sampling on top!
    3. Thank you for the dog costume picture.
    3. Can’t wait for next week!

    • Thanks! That was my guess about how most subscribers acted – I doubt I know what the homepage of most of my blog-friends looks like! And you are extremely welcome for the poop factory. Next week will be a self-love factory, to balance it out. πŸ™‚

  5. Jennie, I love that you dance the way you want – you go girl! And second, I love your new theme – it’s full of life just like you! Third, definitely highlight your earlier posts. We do the same thing on weekends and it’s a huge hit. And finally – Best Dog Halloween Costume ever! Have fun. ~Terri

    • Awwww! That’s quite possibly the nicest feedback I’ve ever gotten! Thank you. You know, I almost never read on the weekends, but I’ll have to check out some of your blasts from the past. I liked Slovenia Halloweenia! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for the article! Have you seen the spoken word poem about Shrinking Women?

      When I’ve wanted to lose weight, I’ve used calorie-countersl, and done things like allow myself 6 almonds for a snack. For something like a re-set to my usual weight after the holiday season, it’s worked well. But the thought of sustaining that level of focus on food, year after year, would feel like a prison to me.

      Let me think about possible pieces from contributors… next week is pretty well planned, but maybe I could extend this to two weeks with guest posts. If I do – which I very well might! – I would love to have you tap in. Thanks!

  6. I’m looking forward to reading the body-image posts, sounds like a good thing to be reminded of! Also, um, I love the Poop Factory dog. My dog would have to be the Fart Factory though. Seriously, killer toots over here.

  7. I hope you enjoyed dancing the night away. I always appreciate a dancing forum where old folks such as myself can groove the night away without being laughed at. Lately that has only been at my own children’s wedding receptions! I will have a look at yr new format; I knew something was different but didn’t know what. Looking forward to the body image posts.

    • It was amazing. I was surrounded by theater kids and semi-professional performers, so no funky choreography was too weird for them to handle. Fan-freaking-tastic! Also, just because I want to post it, gratuitous photo of my costume here. What does the fox say?

  8. I really, really wish I could like Halloween. Everyone ELSE seems to. But me? It all comes back to a home-made mouse costume hand-me-down that my Mom used to make me wear. It ruined Halloween forever. Sigh.

    • That makes me really sad. I don’t even want to ask for more details, which I usually would. Maybe the remedy is to spend the new few Halloweens eating large amounts of delicious cheese – sort of a full-circle response to the mouse trauma?

  9. Oh my lord, my team is INFATUATED with “What Does The Fox Say?” – they would absolutely ADORE your costume!

    As for the theme change – I’m going to admit that apart from the slight change in font style, I didn’t really notice a difference… So I guess it’s fine?

    • Even my mom is obsessed with that song! Happy, happy brain candy.

      And that’s actually what I was hoping to hear about the theme – thanks for your take. The homepage is much more dynamic, the comments work better, but everything else is pretty much the same. Woot!

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