In which I find out I am considered “plus size”

Please click through to read today’s post. It’s about the moment when the media’s depiction of beauty turned from a bad taste in my mouth to something I wanted to chew up, spit out, and leave far, far behind. It’s about the second I finally understood that this endlessly repeated message of what’s desirable was making every person around me love themselves a little less. So I got mad… and I started this blog.

Tip of My Tongue

size 6

Size 6. Plus size. Not the same thing, right?


Today I read an interview with Whitney Thompson, a past winner of America’s Next Top Model. Whitney is a plus-size model, and while I don’t know her dress size (the internet reports it as anywhere from 8 to 14), I do know that this shit is ridiculous.

I’ve been aware for a long time that there are serious, layered problems with the fashion industry’s portrayal of women. Hello. And, to play way nicer than is called for, I’ll leave out the horrifying gender politics and stick to the question of weight. We have models resorting to IV drips for food-free nutrition. We have truly grotesque levels of airbrushing – both to makes models appear unnaturally thin and to flesh them back out when their ribs look unappealing. And now, I’ve had an epiphany about a whole new level of wrongness.


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3 responses to “In which I find out I am considered “plus size”

    • Thanks so much! This is one of my favorite things to discuss, because even with all that’s wrong, when real discussions around it happen, people usually walk away feeling connected and empowered to ignore the stupid system!

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