Announcing the Guest Bloggers of Body Image Week Part Deux!

Today I was going to post a draft of my new article about the Model Community Project (aka “those photos I posted yesterday“). I’m planning to submit a shortened, tightened-up piece to some large websites in hopes of increasing the project’s reach, and I’m soliciting feedback from y’all on the format, content, etc.  (It’s hard to fit everything I want to say into 700 words!)

But then I realized that no one wants to play editor on a beautiful fall Friday.

And besides, I’m only about 75% of the way through writing the draft, and this is my current mental state after a completely frazzling (but wonderful) week:

And besides-besides, in 15 minutes I am headed here, to enter a much improved state of mind:

Yep, that’s right! I’m gonna hang out with “wild” ponies all weekend! (Last time I camped near these guys, one of them snuffled warm horse breath down my neck as I boiled water for tea.)

So, I will be saving my authorly aspirations for another week, and meanwhile I have an important announcement to make!

Next week, five guest bloggers will be visiting Tip of My Tongue to wag their tongues about body image as it plays a part in their lives.

On Monday, we’ll welcome Kim from Building A Life Of Hope, who will discuss how your relationship with your body and diet shifts as you age.

Tuesday will see a visit from Ken, host of The Weltschmerz Collection, who will bring us a man’s perspective on media-driven insecurity.

Samantha from S.Owens Writes will be by on Wednesday to give us her take on how women are portrayed in the video/online gaming world.

Thursday will bring us Emily from The Waiting, who will grace us with a post on how motherhood made her prouder of her body than she’s ever been.

And on Friday, we’ll have Liz from Big Body Beautiful, sharing some ways we can love the shit out of ourselves just as we are.

Stay tuned! Assuming I haven’t ridden a fuzzy pony into the Virginia sunset, I’ll see you all on Monday.

10 responses to “Announcing the Guest Bloggers of Body Image Week Part Deux!

    • I can’t wait for your post, Emily! It’s ridiculous amounts of fun seeing what everyone brings to the table, and hearing brand new takes on this issue that I’ve already thought so much about. See you Thursday!

  1. Have a great weekend Jennie. There’s really nothing like having warm horse breath snuffled down your neck – so jealous. We’re heading to New Orleans to celebrate James birthday. Looking forward to next week’s guest bloggers. ~Terri

    • Terri, it didn’t happen this trip – the weather was in the 25-50 degree range, and I think the ponies were hiding out in a warm nook somewhere! Meanwhile, how is the Big Easy?

    • And I’m so glad you volunteered to kick off the week! I just love the scope of your post, and everything it covers: youth, binging (both on food and on exercise), pregnancy, grief, reinvention, LIFE. How we view our bodies cannot be separated from how we view our whole selves, and what we’re going through impacts both those things. (See, you already have me thinking about this even more…)Thank you for guest blogging!

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