Give Me A Christmas Gift! Please?

I know, it’s unlike me to be so demanding. However, I’ve just created a Tip of My Tongue page on Facebook, and I want to bring all the cool kids to the party so you can get to know each other, as well as me. Since I never re-blog posts on this site, I’ll use Facebook to share links to other blogger’s pieces that I love. Plus, I’ll post tidbits that don’t justify a blog post, but are incredibly profound. Like this My Little Pony cartoon!

If you’re interested in hanging out on Facebook — Or Twitter! Let’s not forget the brevity-enforcement machine! — there are clicky links here and permanent ones in my sidebar. –>

You know what to do. Be #awesome. Help me use social media to fill in those really annoying missing countries on my WordPress World Map.

And here’s my Christmas gift back to you: this family from my town made a video Christmas card that went viral, and it’s catchy as hello-howdy.

HO! HO! HO!!!


24 responses to “Give Me A Christmas Gift! Please?

  1. Sadly, I don’t have a FB page. Or a Twitter account, for that matter. I’m not trying to sound contrarian or too cool. Someone told me “I don’t have a FB page” is the new “I don’t watch TV,” and that sounds accurate. It’s got snob written all over it. But I think FB is the devil’s playground. I’d like to know what all my old girlfriends look like. Do you know what I mean?

    • I appreciate the disclaimer! I personally enjoy a frolic in the devil’s playground, but Twitter still makes me nervous. I’m all about the sarcasm, and it doesn’t always translate into 140 characters… one day someone’s gonna take something personally, and I will have no idea why.

      • Oh, my Lord that just happened to me!!! Someone has stopped speaking to me and I have no idea why! There’s not doubt it’s justified. I’m a loose cannon; always shooting my mouth off thinking I’m being clever and witty but I end up hurting. I just wish I knew what I said THIS TIME. Apologies in advance if I ever say anything untowardly in your comment section. I mean no harm. [“Untowardly” is coming up as a spelling error but I swear it’s a word.]

        • It’s already too late for that. Your usage of “untowardly” has ended all hopes of a friendship between us.

          I kid, of course! I hope your sarcastic wit never loses you another friend, and wins you many new ones. I, for one, am a fan! Happy Holidays. πŸ™‚

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