You can’t handle the truth!

E-Book Cover © Helena Hann-Basquiat

dil·et·tante / diliˈtänt,-ˈtäntē/ noun
1. A person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge.

Helena calls herself a dilettante, and who am I to disagree? Still, I know her well enough to say that the words “without real commitment” DO NOT APPLY. Helena loves, she laughs, she feels, she writes, she sucks the marrow of life, and she does not suffer fools. I cannot think of her without simultaneously picturing a dank torture basement and a boozy day at the lake, basking in sunshine… which is probably a combination she would toast. If you are intrigued, dear reader, proceed, because Helena has published a book!

COMING SPRING 2014 — official date TBA

Memoirs of a Dilettante is a collection of reminiscences, following Helena Hann-Basquiat, a self-proclaimed dilettante who will try anything just to say that she has, and her twenty-something niece, who she has dubbed the Countess Penelope of Arcadia, in their off-beat antics in such places as common as the local McDonald’s or the comic book store, to their travels to Miami for the search for the perfect Cuban sandwich. Interspersed between wacky one-off adventures, Helena tells personal, sometimes painful stories from her past in order to try and make sense of her life as it has played out, tempering everything with an indomitable sense of humour.

Cummerbund Bandersnatch, the Accidental Plagiarist, strippers, rock stars, geeks, freaks, and the Barista With No Name — these are just a few of the characters you’ll meet inside.

Discover Helena’s tales for the first time or all over again, with new notes and annotations for the culturally impaired — or for those who just need to know what the hell was going through her mind at the time!

If you can’t wait and you want a taste of Helena’s writing, follow her blog. I especially recommend “I Know Very Well How I Got My Name,” Parts One and Two.

If you just can’t get enough Helena, or you want updates on further goings on, release dates and miscellaneous mayhem, follow Helena on Twitter @hhbasquiat.

Paperback cover © Helena Hann-Basquiat


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