My 100th Post!

Sometimes, you see an idea on the Internet that makes your brain wake up and go “PING!”

Yesterday, I saw one of those rare beasts and decided to do my part to help give wings to the mini-revolution started by Daile. Today is my 100th post on Tip of My Tongue, and it feels like the perfect time to share ten thoughts from my Daile-inspired, so-recently-written-the-ink-is-still-drying list of 100 Things I Like About Myself.

In Daile’s words (and if you haven’t found her blog yet, you should head over):

List of 100 Things I Like About Myself — The idea behind this was two-fold.

  1. Whenever I am experiencing self-doubt, it is a resource I can go to and try to remember that I am actually a pretty great person.
  2. It’s much easier for me to comprehend things I ‘like’ about myself.

By focusing on what I like about myself I am thinking about the small things that are easy to accept. I’m not looking for ‘things I love’ or ‘things that make me amazing’ or ‘reasons why I am the best person ever’. It’s easier to acknowledge even if you are feeling down that there are some things that you still like about yourself. You may not agree with all 100 things at the time, but it is powerful to keep in mind that you once did. And that you probably will again.

When I started this blog and began connecting with other WordPress bloggers, I found out how powerful something like this little idea could be. I mentioned my list to fellow blogger Rachel from Rachel’s Table as a way you can beat the blues. She then directed me to a post by one of her followers, Misty’s Laws, who was inspired by my comment and decided to start her own list. Which I think is pretty cool!

So, my chickadees, what about yourself makes you smile? I’d love it if you’d share a few things. If you’re moved to write a whole post about it, I’ll link to it here, and I’m thinking Daile might do the same. Revolutions – especially of the self-love variety – require community! Speaking of… the list of what I like about all of you is so long it would break the Internet. As for me, here goes:


1. I think I bring more color to the world.

2. I can pun and innuendo like nobody’s business.

3. I’m tidy – give me fifteen minutes, and I can bring a sense of order and coziness to any space.

4. I have really great eyebrows!


5. I pick good people to bring into my life. I’d say 97% of the folks I’ve ever chosen as close friends/lovers are deeply wonderful human beings.

6. I’ve learned a lot of useful skills. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I can make a camp, start a fire, cook good food, and practice wilderness medicine. (Unless you’ve been bitten. If you’ve been bitten, we’re gonna have a nice calm talk about how you want to go out.)

7. I only say I love you when I mean it. I say it a lot.

8. I have rescued a passel of animals: as of now, the count stands at one dog, one cat, one rabbit, and two seagulls.

9. I give people the benefit of the doubt.

10. When I dance, strangers pay attention. I’m shy in other ways, but never while music is on.


All right, ante up – I showed you mine, now show me yours!

…and here’s the list of people who have been brave enough to “show me theirs:”


88 responses to “My 100th Post!

      • Right here? *gulp* I wrote a post earlier this month with a long, serious list, but I’ll share what is making me smile today:

        1. Yes, LOVE the new hair color. Bye, bye red for good.
        2. My R2-D2 shirt and neon socks are comfy and reflect my quirkiness. Or are just plain weird.
        3. Attempting to write witty comments on others’ blogs, but mainly reading what everyone else is saying.
        4. Reading and playing silly twitter games, even if I am no good at them.
        5. My super glittery fingernails are holding up really well 🙂

        • Oh, I didn’t know you had taken this challenge already! I’m swooping over to read right now!

          I would say that quirky T-shirts and glittery nails for no good reason are some of the qualities I prize most highly in people. 🙂

          • Oh, no it wasn’t part of a challenge, just me venting about things in general where I attempted to list my good qualities for once.

            It was on February 5th if you are looking it up

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love this SO MUCH!! We can start a revolution baby!! The idea of linking it is fantastic and I am going to do that ASAP (when it’s not 11pm and I haven’t had 3 glasses of wine…) you are a shining light Jennie and I actually can’t express how happy this post makes me. Dance wildly, love fiercely and continue to make me jealous with amazing eyebrows. Your rock!! Xx

    • Yeeaahhh, BABY!

      I want to hang out with 3-glasses-of-wine Daile. I’m so glad I made tipsy you grin! Thanks for starting me down this path… and dude, if my eyebrows and your skin combined, we would make the uberchild.

  2. You are wonderful, and I congratulate you on your 100th post and hope there will be many more! You most certanly bring a lot of colour into the world! 😀

      • No! I actually forgot all about it until you and Daile linked this post to yours and I went back and read mine again. It’s been a rough month. REALLY rough. Just posted most of the events, but not all. I don’t think I’m up for adding to that list right now, unfortunately, although it would probably be the best time to do so. But thanks to you and Daile for having me revisit the existing list. It actually helped a bit. 🙂

        • I’m sorry to hear your month has been so hard. Is it any help that, calendar-wise, it’s almost over? I’m wishing you a fresh start.

          But I am so glad to hear that re-reading your list really did help. Sometimes when the chips are down, I like to dwell on what past and future Jennie would say about it, since they’re not in the middle of the maelstrom!

  3. I love this post and I loved Daile’s too. It’s a great idea and such positive self-talk. I share your #7 and maybe #10. 🙂 one thing I like about myself is my ability to empathize and really put myself in someone’s shoes. I think the world could be a better place with more of it.

  4. This is wonderful, and I love you-
    but right now, all I can think of is working off of what Deanna said, that I can really STEAL someone’s shoes – like, at a party. When we all have to take them off. I leave with better ones than what I came in with.

    That’s all I got, today.

  5. The most difficult challenge ever. I’m British (steady on chaps), brought up Catholic (who, me? I am not worthy). How can I possibly do this? But I do like a challenge – aha – that’s one like!!! Fab pictures Jennie (and yes, rather nice eyebrows).

  6. Congratulations on 100 posts! Here’s to 100 more! Thanks for producing so many thoughtful posts and for making the blogging community a better place.

    • Ack! “100 more” makes me feel excited instead of woozy… I must have finally become a real blogger!

      And thank you – so much – for thinking I’m bringing something good here. I love your wise words as well.

  7. Woo who, 100! I don’t think I could ever do a post like this, but I love reading yours! Also, when the zombie apocalypse comes, send one of your rescued seagulls to disclose your location to me. I think we’d make a great team. My brothers have taught be more than anyone would ever need to know about surviving in the wild!

    • Anyone who rescues animals could surely write this list! Heck, you could just do:

      1) I like that I saved “Fluffy.”
      2) I like that I gave “Fido” a forever-home.
      3) I like that I saved “Tiny’s” life.
      Etc, etc, etc!

      And Morgan! When can we go camping? I love wilderness women. We can train the seagulls to help us get dressed, like the swallows in Cinderella!

  8. actually I can’t think of anything about myself that I DON’T like. . .

    maybe I should ask my wife, I’m sure she has a quick hundred or so . . . but then I probably wouldn’t believe her . . .

    • Mwahaha! My instant thought was, “J can’t shut a door to save his life!” Cabinets, bathrooms, even the front door – and we have three escape-artist dogs!

      But, you know, if that’s the wost I can come up with, we’re going pretty well.:) As much you two be, if you can imagine sharing that one-room cabin!

  9. I love your post, just as much as I love that I love life… and I love my love of people, I love my smile, my dimples, the scar on my chin from falling off a racehorse… my gosh, there’s a lot of love in this chest of mine for Me!

      • Mmmm might just post about it one day! I was a few days from starting my final year in high school, took a nasty tumble. Pebbles were removed from my face and a bottle of antiseptic poured over me before being brought home to my parents. The doctor didn’t know right off if my nose was broken as it was too bloodied and swollen, my entire left side of my face was open, as were all my knuckles on both hands. I went back to school with a note saying I couldn’t write for a while and teachers pulled me from class asking if I was “contagious” to which I enjoyed puffing my chest and saying “I fell off a racehorse!”

  10. What a celebratory century of self-love and self-care, Jennie. I love gratitude lists and markers of healthy well-being. A written hug to one’s self. What a thing of glory and joy. You exude joy, my friend. I think that is what brings those 97% into your world. The laws of attraction work in your favour, and there is a breath of fresh air for our sour exhales that brings us much to look forward to. At least for me. There is a sense of wonder in your posession. Thanks for sharing it in your work.

    Congrats on 100 and 100. Here’s to 100 more.

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    • Huzzah! I think this makes you my top blog collaborator… my first big project was essentially your idea, and now here you are again, raring for another revolution!

      And that picture… that picture is my favorite one of us ever taken.

      • You make supporting your ideas an easy proposition. I’m happy to play along. 🙂

        I can see why that photo is your favorite; it’s wonderful!

  12. I like that I’m independent, and can have fun all by myself. 🙂

    I love your list, Jennie. And congrats on 100 posts! I really enjoy your blog, and I enjoy you! 😀

    • Oh, that’s a great response! I’ll never forget a college professor telling me that the best compliment he’d ever received was from a student, who told him that he seemed like he had a lot of fun playing inside his own head. You remind me of that. :

      And I really like the phrase, “I enjoy you.” Back at you, Samantha!

  13. 1) You do have amazing eyebrows. Dang.
    2) I would like to see you dance. Do friends pay as much attention?
    3) I would like to hire you to be my pre-house showing tidy-upper 🙂

    I’m going to do a blog post on this tomorrow. A good way to start the week – thinking positively about oneself rather than dreading the five days of madness to come.

    Reading this makes me react like this: “Dang! I want to spend more time with this girl. Someone who appreciates puns AND innuendos? Now, that’s a girl I can get behind…” (twhs)

    • Awww, thank you! The eyebrows thing is a quirk of mine, like how Anne of Green Gables said she could always take comfort in having a perfect nose, even if her hair was hatefully red. 🙂

      And I think the takeaway from your comment is that we need to go out dancing, STAT! Two girls, one dance floor (twhs). I’m so excited to read your post today, too – I miss you when you don’t write!

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  15. I LOVE this!! And congrats on the prolific posting. Some off-the-top-of-my-head things I like about myself? (1) I’m really good at keeping up long-distance friendships; my three best friends of 15+ years live all across the country but we’ve done a great job of staying in touch and visiting; (2) I can find the humor in just about anything; (3) I get shit done. When I set a goal, it happens; (4) My arms and shoulders look awesome and way better in my 30s than they ever did when I was younger (thanks yoga arm balances!); and (5) I chose a kickass husband; the fact that I convinced that dude to fall in love me when we were 21, put up with me, and move all over the country with me to help my career makes me feel like I can do anything.

    • Oh, your #1 makes me so happy. My two best of the bests also each live half a country away from me (one to the NW, the other to the SW, so we make an equilateral triangle). We’re going on 13 and 10 years, but I always love hearing about even longer-term friendships going strong! Have you ever checked out the “Making It Last” column of the NYT? It profiles couples who’ve been together 25+ years, which also makes me smile.

      Your #5 also makes me heart sing, because I feel the same way about my man. This relationship and how strong we’ve made it are the bedrock for everything else that I do. And finally (you gave me so many juicy things to work with) does “yoga arm balances” mean only your arms are touching the ground?!

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