A Stitch in Time…

Fair warning: this isn’t going to be like most of my posts. Lately I’ve developed a mild obsession for mail-delivery services, and my favorite one is StitchFix. I love reading about other people’s Fixes, so today I’m going to share mine. (This is a one time deal – I promise that Tip of My Tongue isn’t becoming a fashion blog, which will soon be made wildly evident by the photos I’ve included.) All that said, onward!


Who doesn’t love getting mail? StitchFix delivery day is one of my favorite days of the year. It actually happens four times a year for me, and has given me some of the most blissfully girly moments of my 2014 so far.

Here’s how it works: you fill out a personal style survey, which uses words and images so you can really provide a sense of your tastes. They ask for your measurements, and whether you like things tight or flowy. Are you into plaid? Do you want them to send accessories, yes or no? After that’s done, you schedule a date for them to mail five pieces chosen specifically for you by a stylist.

Getting the shipment costs $20, but the brilliant thing is that if you keep any of the clothes, the entire $20 becomes a credit towards the purchase price. I will say, the clothes I buy through this company are more expensive than what I’d usually pick up for myself – we’re talking $35-45 for a blouse – but the quality of the clothes is so good that I usually feel justified grabbing one or two “investment” pieces. Honesty time, though: the price, while fair, is the reason I limit myself to four boxes a year!

After you’ve tried on all the clothes with your own wardrobe, you have three days to send whatever you don’t want back in a prepaid package. You can give your stylist online feedback about what did and didn’t work, and you can also create a Pinterest page to give them more specific ideas. Each time they hear back from you, they hone further in on exactly what fashions you might enjoy.

I’ve done StitchFix twice now. Unfortunately, I don’t have a nice camera and couldn’t shoot in daylight I was too lazy to get out my nice camera and and needed to ship back the unwanted items without waiting for daylight. So, these are some sad, blurry selfies… but there’s a dog cameo!

This was the first thing I tried on – a dolman sleeve top. Purple is my favorite color, and the good people of StitchFix have clearly picked up on that, but this was just a little too tight and high-necked for my liking. (Great skirt though, right? That was a thrift-store find.) P.S. Yes, that is my tongue sticking out… I was really not feeling the selfies, but hell will freeze over before I subject J to this process.




These black skinny jeans and printed blouse were next out of the box. (I clearly have one pose, and I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that I work it in the majority of these shots.) These items both fit me exceptionally well, but I’m not much for black – I have way too many fuzzy animals in my house, plus HOORAY COLOR! – so I didn’t keep either of these pieces.




Also, can we talk about how loooooong the pants were? I’m 5’6”, which is pretty average for a woman in the U.S. Who are these pants made for? I was literally standing on them.




This necklace was the fourth thing in my box. Again, yay for purple, but the overall effect of this piece hit me somewhere between “grandma” and “preppy heiress.” Back it goes!



Now we get to the good part. This sweater was my favorite thing in the box, so much so that I finally womaned up and got my face in the frame. Can you tell I’m feeling sassy? This knit is so warm, and just airy and bohemian enough to please me. Of course I kept it.





CUTE DOG CAMEO! (Never say I lack follow-through. By the way, his name is Tato.)







Just so you know, 4/5 pieces in this box fit me, which I find amazing. Buying pants is usually an epic struggle for me. (I know y’all hear me, fellow big-bootied, little-waisted girls.)

In my first box, 4/5 items also fit well, and these are the two blouses I kept from that Fix (they’ve both become staples in my work wardrobe and, given the continuing presence of my face in the photos, you can tell I feel great in them):

And that’s the end of my brief foray into style blogging! If you’re intrigued and want to give it a try, you can clickΒ this linkΒ and StichFix will give me a $25 credit after you schedule your first box. Of course, you can always just go to their website and sign up directly. Either way, I say give yourself a treat! I gifted StichFix gift cards to my mother-in-law and sister for Christmas, and they’re in my nearest-and-dearest circle, so you know this is “a good thing.”

One final note, which may or may not be related:


53 responses to “A Stitch in Time…

  1. I love the purple outfit and the comfy sweater!

    Those pants were made for me, 5′ 9ish but long legged LOL

  2. This sounds pretty smart. Why didn’t I think of it? One of those. You get what you pay for! So stop with the guilt. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. What happens to the initial $20 bucks if you don’t want any of the clothes? I like your poses. As seen in Vogue. Black is the dress code on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Don’t dare step south of Houston St. with any color on. The Fashion Police will descend on you.

    @Burns: I hate it, too. Twice a year is all I need. Wanna form a club?

    • Ha! My dad swears he thought of the Pet Rock before it came on the market. And if you don’t want any of the clothes, your $20 is eaten by the StitchFix Monster! He looks like Cookie Monster, but green. Also, I am not made to spend more than a week in New York at a time. Unless maybe you gave me a tour… then I might finally “get” it.

  3. I did Stitch Fix a few months ago, and have another one scheduled in March. I was totally going to blog about it, but the photos I took were in poor lighting and I was getting sick at the time. So that post ended up getting pushed way to the bottom of the list. Probably next time. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you loved it! I love those tops, they all look great on you. ❀

    Also, I'm pretty sure the skinny jeans would have fit me too. Length on pants is the bane of my existence. If they're long enough, they're too big on the waist, or vice versa. (Who am I kidding? They never fit my waist. 😦 ) They sent me super nice gray ones last time, and I wanted to keep them so badly but they were a little bit too small. The length was great though.

    • I’m getting crazy traffic on this post – I bet a lot of women bloggers do StichFix. I want to see your next unboxing… especially if you find some pants for those long legs! (Now I can only think of that scene from Pretty Woman where she tells him how many inches of “therapy” he’s got wrapped around his torso.) πŸ˜‰

      • Hahaha! It’s so much easier than going to the store. I used to actually enjoy shopping, but now I’m kind of like, “there’s people out there….” Plus the waiting in line, getting a dressing room, people side-eyeing you. Too helpful or not helpful enough salespeople. πŸ˜› Stitch Fix helps a lot. I kept a flowy cardigan and a striped blazer from the last one. (I can’t wait for the next one.)

  4. That sweater looks sooo comfy! And as a fellow big-bootied, little-waisted girl, yes, I know that pain all too well.
    Also, there’s no way those pants would fit me. I’m 5’3″… barely.

  5. You look great in those! I wish I lived in Northern America so I could make use of StitchFix… Some US companies do ship, like Modcloth, which I luuuurve. I love online shopping as I hate shopping malls…

    • I lurve the word lurve! And ModCloth is fantastic. I adore their review system – seeing the dress on lots of women, knowing what their measurements are, makes ordering so much less stressful.

  6. Seriously it’s like getting free clothes. I love the idea of that. I realize you have to pay for it somewhere down the line but it’s like the old “buy 13 albums for a penny” ads. Brilliant!

    • It really does feel that way. I rather enjoy when I trick my brain into thinking I’m not spending money. πŸ™‚ Also, seriously, 13 for a penny?! That’s cheaper than candy!

  7. Jennie, this is my kind of way to shop, because I loathe shopping. I’d love it if someone could just give me things to wear that were cute and fit me. This sounds like the closest thing to that. Good deal. The clothes are really cute. Thanks for sharing. Yay for new outfits!

    • Let me know if you try it! So far I’ve had two different stylists, but I’ve read other reviews where women requested the same stylist for every box, and the relationship really did evolve into a lovely kind of “here, have these thing I know you’ll enjoy” situation. πŸ™‚

  8. I’m sticking my tongue out at you right now, Jennie. Thanks for that bees video… being attacked by weirdo bees is exactly how I feel when clothes shopping, whether on-line or not.

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  10. Oh, what fun! Pants were probably meant to be hemmed if they didn’t fit. Someone who like black n white shopped for you… Purple is nice, too, though.

    • Thanks, Brenda! Yeah, I’m the queen of color. And I could’ve hemmed the pants, but jeans are so tricky, and I just didn’t want to pay a seamstress on top of the price tag. I know, I know… πŸ˜‰

  11. That’s a super cool concept! As usual, not available in Canada…but I really like that idea, especially since it would mean I wouldn’t have to actually go to a mall (ew). I love your example because it shows how well tailored all those close are they chose for you! Maybe one day…

  12. You scared the crap out of me with that long pants photo. I wasn’t sure if you were part mermaid or a carnival worker. Thankfully, I found the courage to read on and learn that the pants were too long.

    Fun and informative post.

  13. That purple skirt in photo #1 is my favorite garment out of the series. But I did like seeing your face in your gray sweater pic – I can tell that piece made you feel really good. You look very pretty!

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