5×5 With The Hook: Jennie Saia

Come read the nice, funny things this nice, funny man says about me!

Need more incentive?

…I also reveal what my Bond Girl name would be.

You've Been Hooked!

WordPress is filled with bloggers of every variety who explore every topic known to mankind – with varying degrees of success, of course.

But there is only one Jennie Saia.

I have to give her props – as the kids day – for a kick-ass“About” page and a random post generator page named the very tip (love it!), that is brilliance personified. Jennie’s sense of humor is wicked cool and always hits the mark. And her willingness to expose herself has earned her a spot in my Blogger Hall of Fame. (I’m speaking figuratively, of course. Read thispost and be enlightened. Perverts.)

1)  Your favorite 80’s video is…

   My favorite one has to be Bowie and Jagger doing “Dancing In The Street,” because of its glorious weirdness. Huge mouths, goofy dance movies, and wildly intense homo-eroticism from two sexy dudes… what’s not to love?

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6 responses to “5×5 With The Hook: Jennie Saia

      • There is enough gratitude to go ’round, Jennie!
        You’ve been a HUGE hit on my blog and simply put, you’re just a nice person – who happens to look very fetching whether in an animal pose or a bikini.

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