When Bloggers Meet

Blog writing isn’t happening this week (but other kinds of writing are)… in the meantime, I’m selfishly going to send you over to Dawn’s blog, Tales from the Motherland, both so you can read about her visit to my hometown and – if you don’t know her already – discover one hell of a fascinating, insightful lady!


I’m not generally a New Year’s resolution gal, but this year I made three resolutions:  1) to either get my novel published, or self-publish it  2) To own my game, and bring it, and  3) to meet some other bloggers face to face.  Call it a Bucket List of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. To update you:  #1 is a lot harder than I thought (but I’m on it); #2 I’m working on, and #3 is paying off. I plan to attend the BlogHer convention in California in mid-July (a week after I get back from Scandinavia) and hope to meet a few of all y’all there. Note: sitting in North Carolina, I’m still enjoying a few of those fun local terms.If you’re attending BlogHer too, please leave a shout out in the comments and let’s plan to have a drink later this summer.

However, I couldn’t wait for July…

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          • I will be posting something tomorrow (monday), hopefully, about Iceland. We’ve barely stopped long enough to sleep so far… To say I’m exhausted is a gross understatement, but my boy is FRIED! There are a few of me on the horse, but there was no way he could hold the camera and ride at the same time; these horses like to run! 😉

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