Colorblind Emergencies

I’m a Guest Bard!

Lizzi invited me to write at The Well Tempered Bards, a poetry blog she co-hosts every week. Here’s a little sample and her “Bard’s Verdict;” I’m hoping that’s enough to make you pop over and find out why you need to choose a favorite color before you get sick in Mexico.

“¡AGUAS!” he cried.
Mexican people do that.
It means “Careful!” and they’re always
yelling it two seconds after
your near death slip off a curb.

This time, there was a follow up.
“You don’t want the Cruz Ambar to come!”
The Yellow Cross?
Let me explain.

Bards’ Verdict: A fascinating poem, telling the story of a place and culture so many of us have no idea about. Beautifully told and filled with intense imagery. Bravo!

Read the rest here.

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