No One Needs Feminism Anymore

Hey! You! I’m guest posting today over at my passion project, the Sisterwives blog. Please check it out and comment like crazy, because if there’s one thing I like, it’s opinions. Here’s a sample to entice you…

Right now, the Internet is giving a lot of attention to a tumblr called Women Against Feminism. It’s basically photos of women with signs explaining why they don’t need feminism, for excellent reasons which I’ve edited just slightly here to complete their trains of thought:

“I don’t need feminism because I love to cook and clearly feminists never need to make food; they subsist solely on rage against the patriarchy.

“I don’t need feminism because the pay gap is women’s choice, not sexism because obviously women enjoy bringing home 23% less than men. It gives them real incentive to be extra crafty and DIY everything!!!

OK, OK, all snark aside, I want to talk particularly about the woman in this photo:

Read the full post here.


8 responses to “No One Needs Feminism Anymore

  1. Jennie, I just wrote a long and thoughtful response to this on Sisterwives than it said ‘your comment could not be posted’. Grrr. Good post – wish I could repeat what I already wrote – may try again.

    • That is the WORST! Why does the internet always eat the long, thoughtful comments, never the ones that say, “This made me laugh, haha!”

      Oh well. I did see it eventually – thanks for persisting!

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