The Sea King’s Daughter

Y’all! I’m alive! And I’m visiting my Blogland vacation home with a guest post on the Sisterwives blog.

I’ve missed you all to distraction and want to see your faces pop up in happy little avatar boxes. (Fair warning: I will use any comment as an excuse to try and catch up on the last two months of your life.)

I’m closing comments here… hope to see you over there! Here’s a sample to entice you to visit:

Six weeks ago, I almost drowned.

I was alone in the vast, mysterious wetness of the Atlantic Ocean. I’d never felt so small.

I was so far from shore that the Labor Day tents faded into one bright, distant smear across the sand.

I was so focused, I never noticed tourists grouping into a tight knot of alarm.

I kept swimming, despite the shock of cold water that brushed my toes with every kick. After a time, I floated. Then I went under again.

Eventually, someone called Emergency Medical Services. Two first responders tore down the beach on official black ATVs. They kicked up wild arcs of sand in their rush to save my life.

As for me, I was past the point where anyone could hear me scream for help.

…or wait.

Flip that.

Maybe they couldn’t hear me because I never screamed.

The Bogue Inlet Pier (Emerald Isle, North Carolina)

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