This blog might be back from hiatus?

(The italics and question mark are for me, not you.)

In the meantime…


Hi there. I’m Jennie Saia. If you’re a person who has strong emotions, is interested in social commentary, and loves pun-based humor, you’ll find something here to make you happy.

About this blog

I work through complex issues and invite you to play with them in the comments. I tell stories worth passing on. On a much less high-minded level, I also share funny links, good music, and a healthy dose of double entendre.The posts featured on The Very Tip are a good place to dive in.

About me

These three photos are all equally representative.

If you still want to know more…

33 random things

  1. I was born in 1984 in the Southern U.S.
  2. I’m not a good singer. I sing anyway.
  3. I got married in 2012. My husband – who is awesomeness incarnate – also has a name that starts with the letter J.
  4. We have two dogs and a tiny human. THREE CREATURES UTTERLY DEPEND ON US.
  5. In middle school, I walked through the halls reading books held in front of my face.
  6. I still do that when I walk the dogs.
  7. I believe optimism and intellectualism go hand in hand.
  8. In Ukraine, I discovered that cherry varenyky are what heaven tastes like. How do I know?
  9. I just do.
  10. I love to dance.
  11. I’ve taught classes at the college level. I can also pull off college-level cartwheels.
  12. I lived in Mexico for two years and still visit in my dreams.
  13. I eat uncooked pasta because I love the crunch.
  14. My friend Jess says I’m simple (see #13). I take this as a compliment. It’s the little things!
  15. People frequently surprise me with their goodness, humor, and depth.
  16. My favorite color is purple, in large part because you just don’t see it enough.
  17. Backpacking: Yes, please.
  18. I’ve gotten much closer to my parents as I’ve grown up.
  19. I knit. I bake. I’m looking forward to being an old lady.
  20. J and I owned a chocolate-making business once upon a time.
  21. I run marathons. (When did that start? See #20.)
  22. I have the memory of a flea. Holding onto what I’ve lived is a large part of why I write.
  23. Once, in an improv class, I pretended quite convincingly to be in love with a spider.
  24. I am as corny as they come. I embrace this.
  25. I am a feminist. No, I am a STRIDENT feminist.
  26. I believe everyone has at least one great story.
  27. As an undergrad, I double-majored in Anthropology and Recreation & Leisure Studies. A decade+ later, this amuses me.
  28. I was lucky enough to walk away from a car-destroying wreck with nothing but bruises on my knees.
  29. I’ve witnessed the smell of vanilla cupcakes reduce grown tigers to groveling.
  30. I require a lot of love. I give a lot in return.
  31. I live for good quotes.
  32. I’m impatient. Sigh.
  33. I think life and people are good at the core. When they seem otherwise, they’re still worth it.

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